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  1. I have a variety of different promos including...
    Marlix Gear
    Marlix Bow
    Momentus Toothpick
    Dragon Poop
    Super Dragon Poop
    Meteor Bow
    2015 Birthday Cake
    2015 New Years Empire Firework
    Scooooba Mask
    Potato Plate
    Bionic Pants
    Bubble Boots
    Mineral Mincer
    Chicken Skewer
    Ore Buster
    Dragon Stones/Dragon Stone Fragments
    Starter Gear and Tools
    Cupid Bow
    Headless Horseman Axe/Mask
    Haunted Candy
    Cupid's Bow
    Labor Bench2015
    Pot of Gold 2016
    Feast For a King
    Bliz Ard Arm
    Bliz Ard Nose
    Bliz Ard Eye
    Avalauncher 2015
    Avalauncher 2014
    Remembrance Poppy 2015
    Pi day Pie,

    but i do not know the value of many of the items. If anyone could help me out and share some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.
    • Scooooba Mask, Potato Plate, Bionic Pants, Bubble Boots, Mineral Mincer and Chicken Skewer: 15-20k each
    • Marlix gear: 20-30k each
    • Marlix Bow: 30-40k
    • Momentus Toothpick: 20-30k
    • Dragon Poop: 40-50k
    • Super Dragon Poop: 50-70k
    • Ore Buster: 350-400k
    • Dragon Stone/Dragon Stone Fragments: 8k/900r
    • Full starter gear set and tools: 15-20k
    • Headless Horseman axe and mask: 50k together
    • Pot of gold: 10k
    • Feast for a king: 3k
    • Dasher (unused): 50-60k
    • Blizard items: 20-50k each
    • 2015 Labor bench: 20-25k
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  2. What about full voter's armor? Unused of course.
  3. That fully depends on who's voters armour it is. If it has a well known name it can go for 700,000+ but most of the time it will be 50k-80k a piece, tools and weapons may go for more.
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  4. Would you think that I am a well known name? xD Jkjk ;-) Thanks anyways. :)
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  5. Thank you for spending your time doing that!
  6. I bought my Ore Buster for 10k back in the day. Used about 50% of it.
  7. I would say that since the Pot of Gold is now out of the Empire Shop (where you could purchase it for 15k), I would say the price of it is currently at least 15k, if not more
  8. People have been hoarding those things, some buying 50+ of them. I don't see why anyone would choose to buy them now for 15k. 10k is just what I think you could realistically sell them for right now, but you're right, price will quickly go back up.