Promo Prices Gone wacky

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  1. About 2 weeks ago i went Semi Inactive for about 2 and a half weeks when i came back Prices Seem To have Sky Rocketed Example Purple aikar head went from 500k to 1.4 mil and 2013 Aikar head Is also Now Over a mil? did something happen well i was away?
  2. With rare\limited items this is normal. I paid 1.5 mil for an ICC Valentine's Day head when just a few months previous some paid just over 700k. When there is not alot of them around or for sale and one finally does become available, the price can often increase. For my Purple aikar head, I won it in an Auction for 500k maybe 6 months ago.
  3. Yeah tour right :/ sorry about this post i got upset over something else(not on emc)
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  4. This tittle is very misleading. I thought I was gonna see some amazing promo deals here :(
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  5. Then add in the fact that prices rise even higher sometimes when one is sold. For some, like myself, I collect just 1 of each if I can and I do not resell. So technically it can be seen as having 1 less in the overall numbers :p
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  6. Sorry didnt mean it to be
  7. The title mentions promo prices but I think you just mean special event items that are extremely limited - these items will rise sharply simply due to the very limited supply and the large amount of demand :)
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