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  1. Hallo EMC Players. I am building a Promo mall. We are taking donations. Please this mall will be a famous mall. I know it and my workers. Please mail me donations anything excepted.
  2. *cough, cough* I think you mean accepted, my good sir..
    Also, I'll be willing to sell you a Cooked Turkey for 6k.
  3. cooked turkeys go for 1k >_>
  4. To be honest, I didn't even know they were that cheap. xD
  5. 8366 on smp4
  6. Cleaned up thread. Let's keep it about promo shop.
  7. Anyone want to donate you can own 5% of the mall
  8. Donating =gift. How can you sell 5% ? Do they get 5% of everything in it ? Do they get for every sale you make ?
  9. No in sales
  10. They get 5% in sales in a week
  11. what if 20 people donate :/
    you would have no rupees for you :/
  12. 20 people donate, so they each earn 5% of the weekly sales.20 times 5%=100% of sales go to the donators so there is no money left for you. Also, where is this promo mall, I'd like to check it out :D
  13. It is in remodeling fase I have to make it nicer. I need donations because it needs a lot of materials. And sorry I was not thinking right when you made the math. And we made 1.2mil in three weeks.
  14. If you would like to buy some promos to stock up on for your shop message me :)
  15. Once I come back from my break, you can come by my res and I can show you a few things I'll be willing to donate/lend.:D
  16. Thnks we have a area that is a small museum
  17. so anyone want to donate