[Promo Giveaway] Sachrock's Birthday!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Sachrock, May 14, 2018.

  1. Heya EMC!

    Today I turn 18 years old and I thought "Who doesn't love a good old giveaway?"

    So today here we are with my giveaway of 18 promos for 18 years of me being alive!

    All you have to do to enter, is to post a meme or your choosing(They need to be EMC appropriate), they can also be gifs.

    I will draw the winners in one week from today using random.org to pick 18 of you

    The prizes are:

    1 x Trick or Treat Bundle
    1 x Blizzard Nose
    1 x Empire Firework 2016
    1 x Holiday Candle (2016)
    1 x Meteor Bow
    1 x Holiday candle (2014)
    1 x Pot of Gold
    1 x Empire Firework (2014)
    1 x Spooky Egg
    1 x Declaration of Independence
    1 x Holiday Axe (2017)
    1 x Sharpshooter
    1 x Liberty Sword
    1 x Remote Shop Sign
    1 x Chocolate Bunny
    1 x Independence Day Firework (2014)
    1 x Lucky Rabbits Foot
    1 x Avalauncher

  2. Happy Birthday Sach!
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  3. Happy 18th Birthday..
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  4. Happy 18th B-Day you silly egg :p

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  5. Happy birthday!
    And thanks for the giveaway!
    ^That really limits the amount of memes I can post :p
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  6. :p Happy B-Day!
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  7. Eggs and Hash browns are a good way to start your birthday. Oh, also congrats!
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  8. Happy Birthday! :)
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  9. Happy Birthday Sach!
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  10. Happy 18th birthday Sach, welcome to adulthood!
  11. Totally missed congratulating you on your birthday in staff chat on Monday, so Happy Birthday Sach!
    I'm actually going to share a pic I took myself when I was on vacation last Summer. This sign was hanging up in a local shop window:
  12. now that you're an SS, you don't call it mod chat anymore? :p

    anyway, here's a vine, but if you need me to post a real meme, just ask
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  13. Congrats on lapping the sun for the 18th time.
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  14. Happy birthday mr.egg! :)
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  15. Congrats!!
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  16. Happy 18th Birthday! I love this meme...
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  17. Huh... And I here I thought that's how his presidency began in the first place....
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  18. Lol! There is one at Lake Tahoe in California that says "Unattended children will be given an expresso and a kitty"