Promo Buy/Sell/Trade!

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  1. Promo Buy/Sell/Trade!

    Items I am Selling:

    5 Gold Supporter Vouchers
    1 Lucky Bow
    2 Metor Bows
    1 2014 Empire Firework
    1 2015 Empire Firework
    1 2015 Indepenace day Firework

    Items I am Buying:

    Dragon Poop
    Super Dragon Poop
    Treasure voucher
    Promo instructions
    Instructions (blue text)
    Big Daddy Helmet
    Bullet Proof Vest
    Cactus Pants
    Feather Fallllling boots
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    EverLasting Axe Stopper

    If you wish to buy or sell me a Promo Please Pm on the forums with an offer.
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  2. Bump!
    Talk to me if your interested in any of my promos!
    Remember I do trades too!
  3. bumpity bumpers bumply bump!
  4. How much for one gold voucher?
  5. Make an offer
  6. One momentu's Toothpick and 20% of my Promo Shop Sales Or 2 slots were you can sell promos
  7. I do not want to have signs in your promo shop nor do I believe it is legal to try to Trade items for a shop sign...
    Edit: sorry we couldn't name a deal want to make another offer?
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  8. So, I want to give you for a gold voucher a momentus's Toothpick, 20% of my promo shop sales or 2 slots of my promo shop slots mean sections and my promo shop has sections and you will be given slots that can be used for selling promos/displaying/advertising so on and on. If you don't like this it's fine just say lol and then I know it's a no. If you have some minor suggestions just say it.

  9. Well I'm fine with the momentus tooth pick it's just I want sell the promo though the forums and if I decided to make a shop I game I would want to it be in my own res...

    Want to add anything to the toothpick?
  10. Have to be a item or a service?
  11. Im only looking for promos or rupees anything is a no sorry
  12. I don't know the ballpark for gold vouchers, but I saw a diamond one go for 390k so I'll do 195k
  13. Gold aren't hits worth half of diamond they normally go Between 230-280k
  14. Alright. Could you do 222222r?
    Or rupees plus some vault and stable vouchers?
  15. 200k for gold supporter voucher.