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  1. 1 labour bench
    1 iday helmet
    1 iday chest plate
    1 iday pants
    1 iday sword
    1 veterens poppy
    1 2014 cake
    1 iday firework
    Starting price = 40k
    Price increase 1000r
    Pick up = SMP9 18221
    Bid lasts 12:30 pm EST wednesday thursday 13th november
  2. The 2014 or 2013 Labour Bench?

  3. 2014 and Bump
  4. Thanks - but please don't bump this until 3 hours have passed since the last post in the auction. This is stated in the auction rules, feel free to check them over if you are unsure, thanks again. :)
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  5. Even though you were answering a question you can only bump 3hours after the last post.
  6. sorry im new to this i will check the rules lol
  7. It's not compulsory, but as these are special items, can I please request a screenshot of the items in this auction? Thanks :)
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  8. 2014-11-12_17.55.06.png
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  9. These posts are all invalid - I have won at 50k.

    Starting a PM with the auction host and paying now. :)
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  10. #EmpireWiki
  11. I know about the Wiki sir, my job is to work on it. I know about the items too of course, my request was for my own personal benefit and to see if the items were legitimate, so please try and refrain from making this kind of post on an auction.

    Peachyboyy hasn't been on for a week, I have sent him a PM (but still awaiting a reply of course). He was in-game about 21 hours ago so I have sent him a message via mail to get onto forums and check the auction/PMs so that we can get this auction sorted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.