[PROMO] 1.9 Cupid wings:

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  1. As Valentine's Day has recently passed, many people have claimed and/or bought the exclusive Cupid bow and arrows. Because as we all know, Cupid has a bow and arrow that he uses to make people fall in love. But, he also flies around on his graceful wings. And, next Valentine's Day, we could be able to as well with the new elytra, the MC famous glide pack. So, the idea is a promo as well as the Cupid bow we could also have a pair of Cupid wings to claim made as a modified version of the elytra. Maybe an elytra that trails hearts as you glide, not in the same promotion as the bow. Because I think that a Cupid bow with Cupid wings would be great. If you readers like my promo idea, please consider leaving a statement in the comments below and an answer in the poll above^.
  2. Great idea, I'd submit it to the google docs for EMC to see
  3. A+, this is a great idea and has to be added, but it might start lagging with the hearts so I think we should make the heart rate a little lower.
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  4. I'd like to see elytra's retain a rarity based on how many people will take the time to obtain them. I personally don't think they should be promoed to be available to everyone till the economy decides their value. Then maybe, but only at a substancially higher price.
  5. +1 Great idea.

    By the time V-Day rolls around they will have been in the game for many months. So this wouldn't interfere with their initial release.
  6. +1 great idea
  7. I like the idea of Cupid wings, but to keep elytra's a rarity. The "Cupid Wings" would only work in town. They would not be able to be taken to the waste or frontier. Such like a map can't be taken to other servers or a donkey with a full chest can't be stable stored.