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  1. I am working on creating a scannable QR code out of wool above my residence.
    This is a QR code:

    It contains the text "qwertyzzz18".
    I am working on building this out of black and white wool.
    Donations of wool are appreciated.

    My res is at 917, and you will spawn in front of the donation chest.

    I will post photos as I make progress.

    NOTE: I have stopped selling wool at my shop. I will restock it after I finish the project.

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  2. Ha sick idea qwertz i'll donate.
  3. Original idea man. I haven't seen a creative pixel art in a long time....
    Good luck on the project!
  4. Status update:
    I have completed the top left finder pattern.
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it has been done before on SMP1. ;)
    I believe it was built by AusQB but I will have to dig up the thread to be sure of the original builder.

    However, good luck.
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  6. I think it may have been GameKribDuck in the wild, although I can't be sure.
    EDIT: It was GameKribJim
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  7. It appears all evidence of the building has been erased... :/
    Oh well, it will be cool to have another one. :)
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  9. :(
    I didn't realize someone else has done this already.

    As the old one is gone, I will keep working on it!
  10. Great Job looks fantastic!!
  11. Update:
    Completed bottom left finder pattern, left alignment pattern, and some data.
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  12. Wahoo! Can't wait 'till it's finished!
  13. Random question: Could you please chuck me the spoiler in your sig? I can't see it.
  14. There's used to be a qr code in the utopia world in smp1,but now it is removed with the map
  15. It is just stuff to build the "Things I can buy" chart.
  16. Nice 3.5 month bump. :rolleyes:
  17. was that neccessary?
  18. When your online, message me so I can donate some wool. I don't wanna keep clicking the "sell 1" thing. Too much work