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What do you think of my hotel?

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  1. Hey guys. I am currently working on a MASSIVE project at 6877 (smp3). It is going to be a hotel, features of the hotel include:
    > 5 star hotels ***
    > Underground Pool and Spa.
    > Viewing area at height limit!
    > Bank, in which you can buy a double chest to store your items.
    > Conference Room, tennants will have a meeting in regularly to discuss anything to do with the hotel.
    >Penthouse, will be a whole floor for it alone. Will be very expensive (like normal penthouses :p)

    Please consider supporting me because I will greatly appreciate your help and donators will get benefits, read about this in Paragraph 2.

    - More about getting an apartment(Paragraph 2)
    - How to support (Paragraph 3)

    2: All tennants (once the rooms are built) will receive free rollercoaster rides**** (when I am online). The prices of apartments shall vary, depending on the luxurious-ness of them. The first apartments are reserved for my friends. If you want the apartments to be built quicker look at Paragraph 3.

    3: You can support me by selling me materials (There is a shop set up in the room where you spawn to sell me materials) or donating (/r pay 311josh <amount>) If you donate, you will receive a sign on my Honour Wall* and free rollercoaster rides**

    Thanks a lot guys! Especially to those who have/ will donate/ support me! Even if you don't donate please just come and check it out and consider buying a hotel room :)

    *To get a sign on the Honour Wall, you must donate atleast 100r
    **To get free rollercoaster rides, buy a residence worth atleast 200r or donate atleast 200r.
    ***Not all apartments are 5 star, only the more expensive ones and the penthouse.
    ****If you are eligible for free rollercoaster rides, please don't be asking to go on every 2 seconds because I have other stuff I need to do other than turning on the rollercoaster...
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