[Project] The Wastelands Mining Marketplace

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  1. Hey everyone! If anyone knows what my favorite Minecraft activity is, I would always say mining! In it's honor, I'm setting up a small "outpost" for miners around all servers. The plan for it is to be on Smp2, and construction on it will be begin once 1.8 is released for the EMC servers. Below are a few key points about the outpost that might clear up some confusion. I am hiring individuals who are good at each of the following points below. The application for helpers is soon afterwards.

    -This will be public, but of course will discourage griefing.
    -The "outpost" will start at the closest extreme hills biome that there is to one of the wastelands outposts on Smp2.
    -We shall go about our mining in style, tunnels will look neat and undisturbed, the main lobby area will look like a king's place. :D
    -Once we have expanded the basic mining paths several blocks, we can add "plots," of sheer stone and sell it or give it to new members so they have some easy land to mine.
    -Hopefully, we will come across a stronghold to The End and a few mineshafts (this is a top priority).
    -The mining base will include everything a proper mine could possibly need, including auto-travel for easy access, etc.
    -It will be complete with the necessities of Minecraft life, including a Zombie grinder, tree farm, perhaps auto-chicken farm, etc...
    -Perhaps most important, the outpost will be the first of it's kind to be a so-called "marketplace!" For anyone who hasn't known, [slot] shops do have the capability of being made in the frontier and wastelands, when chests are locked. Why not make use of them and set up shops in the wild when possible? My outpost will allow business retailers to expand as far as they wish, which is into the outpost market. These shops will be how citizens of the outpost will thrive.

    Think it's cool or have skepticism? Place an application here if interested, I need some people to be in the loop of what's happening come 1.8!

    Have you ever been kicked/banned:
    (Banned Only) If banned, why:
    One thing you could contribute:
    When you are available to help (Anything works :)):

    Not too bad, was it? Any questions, post here. If you wanna join, post here. If you know what's best for you, post here!
  2. Make sure you get at least 5000 blocks out from the Frontiner Outposts if you had a typo for wasteland Outpost

    These are the requirements:
    • The base must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts
    • Land must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other groups visually established base. (Unless the other leader gives you approval, and it must be wrote on your thread)
    • Must create a thread on the Wilderness Frontier forums establishing the start of the base so that we can have a record of the start of the base and who is the established owner. The thread only needs to include the name of the base and what server it's on, but not location. Any other info you wish to include is up to you.
    • A lock chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It doesn’t have to be visible, just there somewhere.
  3. So there is going to be one outpost? Then these two sentences conflict. :p
    Sounds cool, I won't join unfortunately because I'm working on another outpost.
  4. I intend for it to be Wastelands because I want there to be access to Extreme Hills Biomes, plus mining outposts don't last forever. This is meant to be temporary, but at the same time as permanent and long-lasting as it can. Just server smp2 btw.
  5. you cant lock chests in wastelands
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  6. I don't really understand this project?

    Sounds like a kind of build idea. Why don't you just do it in the Wild?

    If you are planning on mining an area. Usually, the most effective is to clear an entire 100 x 100 area around the haste 2 beacon, from bedrock to sky.

    But you sound like you want to 'build' a whole real-life style mining town. Which will tend to limit what you mine, rather than enhance it?