[Project] The Underground (Need Advice)

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What should be floor 4?

Bump up the casino and make a 3 floor mall 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Semi-Public area (1 time fee) including enchant tables, anvils, villagers, and special shop deals 3 vote(s) 100.0%
Other, state in thread 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. For my newest project a creation that actually makes me money! :p
    This project will be an underground Mini-Mall (floors 1-2), Casino (floor 3), and something else... (floor 4?)
    However my current headache is preventing me from choosing 2 blocks for this creation, the blocks will be for floor/ceiling and the other block for the walls. These block combinations need to create an eerie, dark, kinda blackmarket, overall scummy feel (as if it were an underground blackmarket :p)
    So anyone have any suggestions?
    Decisions made: netherbrick for walls dues to stairs and slabs that can be used to make archways
    Possible combinations (feel free to post suggestions other than these):

    2 floor types are shown together for easy comparison, only 1 block type will be used for flooring/ceiling.
  2. Morning bump (this is not an asking for donations thread, simply a suggestion thread for those few who were confused)
  3. Use blocks of coal
    Black, brown, dark grey stained clay
    Blocks of coal

    Nether brick and mossy stone brick

    Use iron bars and red stone torches
  4. underground? or sewer like?

    How about mossy cobble or brick, mingled with normal cobble/brick. iron grills and doors. redstone torching. Obsidian line for pathways.
  5. Also for everyone else, I have decided to use nether brick for walls since they can be used for stairs and slabs to make nice archways, but still don't know what to use floor flooring/ceiling.
  6. Bump, edited with more information. (Not sure why the spoiler got broken up >.<)
  7. I'm not good with colors so I need your guys suggestions. (Random fact: I can't tell the difference between certain shades of purple and pink)