[PROJECT] the MMXVI centre - Mall and Museum

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  1. The MMXVI centre will be a part mall part museum building on SMP8, res number 16391. It will consist of the floors: the ground floor; teleports and entrance, the second floor; chest shops, and the third floor; the museum. The museum will only display promos from 2016 onwards, hence the name of MMXVI. The building is a decorative and uses a set collection of blocks to ensure it looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This build will be an ambitious and expensive one, as the some of the main bocks are quite pricey (diamond and gold ore, iron blocks, glowstone and nether brick). It would be great if donations were made and I would hugely appreciate it. If you click here you can download the world I have built the test on and it would be great if you could give me feedback on the design and how expensive it might be. There will be a wall of thanks for all who have donated to this project. People who have donated so far: JaniceTheDorito, ELIMINATOR_ALDA, scrOcraft and TheEnigmaticSef.
  2. Click here to see a collection of images of the trial build. There are 5 images in total of the:
    • exterior
    • first floor
    • second floor
    • third floor
    • roof and dome
  3. Sounds great. Donated 2162r.
    I'd donate more but I'm working on my own project as well so... Enjoy the rupees!
  4. Thanks soo much!
  5. No problem. I'm here to help. :D
  6. Yeah, now I realised... I gave you 2k rupees and now I'm out of rupees for my own project. :p
    It doesn't matter though, because I like helping people. :D