[Project] The Custard Factory!

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  1. Hello everyone, Custard here!
    Today, I finally decided how I was going to lay out my residence, and put in hours of work to put it altogether. It is not the most professional residence in the world, but I am actually quite proud of it, and hope you like it!

    The Custard Factory is my residence 18308 on smp9, and I would like your guys feedback on it! If you could visit it, or tell me what you think of it from the pictures below, that would be absolutely awesome! Thanks guys!
    Custard out!




    Special thanks to ruari342 for the flowers!
  2. Where's the custard?
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  3. Have you not seen the amount of yellow on the residence?
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  4. But the outside is mostly orange.... And green, no offense
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  5. ...No, no, that's yellow :p Grass is green, indeed.
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  6. Okkkkk
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  7. 2014-03-09_14.22.47.png

    Couple of inside photos? :D 2014-03-09_14.22.27.png 2014-03-09_14.22.13.png
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  8. Thanks Mister ruari! :D

    I added these little fountains to the front of the house:

    Still not sure what I will be doing in the house/on the res though! :eek:
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  9. Some thing is missing.. Oh yeah, the heads r missing the kool sunglasses ^_^
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  10. You cannot get the overlay of the heads skin added to your player head. :eek:
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  11. Make it into a yellow dye shop/factory
  12. Could do, but not sure many people need just yellow dye. D:
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  13. You could do yellow everything :) including wool, dye, flowers (including sunflowers), glass ect :)

    Looks really nice so far, I saw it the other day
  14. Could do! :p

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  15. Tip, when u tame a wolf or cat, dye the collar yellow :)
  16. Could indeed do :eek:
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  17. It's been a little while... have a bump! :)
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  18. No, have some custard :p