[PROJECT] The 3110 Mega Mall

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  1. I have finally gotten somewhere with this build!

    It started a little more than 6 months ago. I had 2 extra residences and I needed something interesting to do. I also noticed there were few good mega-malls left. I decided that that is what I would do. Now, a few months into the project, I have finally gotten over my schoolwork and settled down. I hope to be done with it relatively soon... I have more floors to go and much stocking to do.

    If you have any design-side suggestions please mention them.

    I currently have a little shop set up at the spawn of /v 3110 to buy some items. I have it set so that you can give them to me for free, or get a slightly blow market value price for them. I appreciate all donations.

    I invite you all to come by 3110 on Smp2 and read the signs and check out what I have done so far.
  2. Very nice, will be shopping here once in awhile.