[PROJECT] Smp3 Rememberance Tower.

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  1. Hello all.

    I'm currently working on a big project. (Well.. If you can call it big. :p)
    The Smp3 Rememberance Tower. The tower will be for past EMC members that have left forever, or been permanently banned. The tower will have the names of the players on the walls with their own grave and their head (if you have it).
    Donations will be greatly appreciated! We need rupees for materials and road edits.
    Item donations can be donated at the enterance or mailed to me. Thanks!
    Res number is 6686.

    We've all lost a good EMC friend, so why not ask us to put their name on the wall. :)
    EDIT: Smp3 memorial residence is now open, we've made a few changes to the plan, but feel free to go check it out. /v +memorial, smp3. :)
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  2. maggie_sixx *sniff sniff* why did he leave
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  3. He's one of the main reasons I'm making this tower. ;)
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  4. What happens to maggie_sixx?
  5. My main man austin726 got permanently banned for defending villager rights roughly 2-3 years ago.
    He created a basketball court so freakin epic that even JustinGuy came to his res to play some street ball. (True story.)
    He must be remembered on your statue thing!
  6. Just left because it got boring... But I heard that he will be on and off.. But I honestly dont know if that is true
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  7. ok thanks
  8. I feel d1223m should be remembered :)
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  9. claremuss on smp8 ;-; she was the best shop for enchanted books and sadly stopped coming on
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  10. CatGirl3456 :(
    Shannor29 :(
  11. claremuss and someone else ill get her name later she was my bff
  12. Herbrin3 owned the shop at 19000 on SMP9. That dude was awesome. He left after losing a ton of items during an update.
  13. That is why he left?
  14. That among other things.
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  15. This will be beautiful. ;)
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  16. Fluznoss
    Zankair? I know he was a well known player on smp3, the original builder of the end farms <3
  17. Ya it is sad he left
  18. You probably meant Zabriel :p
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  19. I just realised I got his name mixed up with someone on a completely different game :p thankyou
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  20. The rememberance res is now open! Come visit it at /v +memorial or /v 6686!