[PROJECT] SMP2 Megamall!

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  1. Hello all. :D

    I have just started building on a double res this weekend, and I have hoot on a good bit done. :D

    First of all, the res number is 3110.

    It is going to be a full scale mall, like so many others. I don't exactly plan to make millions, it is meant as just a fun build. I have the entire thing mapped out in creative mode in single player. I plan to sell most every block and item. I don't like how so many people like to make their mega malls look so expensive, with beacons and gold and diamond blocks as far as the eye can see. To me, that looks like it has little design planning. What I am doing with this double res is I am using color and design elements to make it look really good, and appealing to the eye. It is so that people shopping there would notice the effort put into the build instead of dropping in and dropping out.

    This is my first mega build on empire, but I have many builds on single player creative and survival worlds.


    I will be hiring one and only one person for a single section. That section is special empire items. This includes supporter vouchers, and anything with a colored name. Please PM me if you are legit up to the job. You will be in 100% control of these shops, I will not touch them.


    I will be accepting donations of:

    -any rupees you would be generous to offer
    -glass blocks
    -ink sacs
    -quartz in any quantity, size, shape, or form.
    -black stained glass
    -black stained clay
    -emerald blocks
    -plain hardened clay

    Again, please PM me with item offers. :)

    I will try to get some screenshots out tomorrow, bear with me.

    Thank you for reading. Hope you drop by 3110. :D
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  2. Donators:

    Samsimx - 10k
  3. iHaro INC might be interested
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