[Project] SMP1's largest enchant shop

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  1. With the new enchant stuff coming out in 1.3, ive made the decision with the help of Kells18 to not only have one of the largest fountains at my res, but also, to have SMP1's largest enchantment shop. But, i strongly need sand, or smooth sandstone to do so. Rupees are also needed too! (P.s. Im not trying to beg so sorry if its coming around as so, im also in wild trying to gather supplies as well)
  2. SMP1 Doesnt have this so if you guys could donate it be would great ! we also have alot of people from other servers come to smp1 and ask for certain enchantments so if bunker get's this up and running you know where to go on smp1 for your enchanted items :) Thank you
  3. This shop right here is one of the best enchnat shops I have seen.
  4. Thank you pat.
  5. We might be able to make some sort of deal for all the "bad enchants" you want to sell..

    We will be interested in buying them all at a fixed price - to take them off your hand and using them in casino games...

    But lets talk more when you´ve setup your enchanting shop.
  6. Alright pt, Im trying to make this a big thing. Bc of the new 1.3 update ik ill have a loottttt of enchants available
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  7. What do you mean "bad enchants" ? lol
  8. Still looking for donators!
  9. he means, cheap stuff such as an EFF I type of thing
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