[Project] SMP1 Sky Park

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  1. Hi Guys! I'm from SMP1 and have always enjoyed the park on SMP2..so iv'e decided my next project will to be to build a 60x60 park starting at 251 blocks in the air, just for fun. If anybody would like to come help out for free, or donate to the project that'd be much appreciated! Snd..i also need some people to tel me what to add to it, bcecause i run out of ideas pretty quickly! Thanks guys!
  2. Hey great idea! Dont forget the water fall. Make Shure there is an abondond shack to scare of the faint hearted.
  3. Sounds like my Sky Garden Jim.
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  4. Yea kinda.
  5. I love gardens. Always so tranquil and serene. Can't wait to see the finished project. You'll need a fountain, a "hotdog stand"(some type of food. Maybe beef and bread. ;)), a little waterfall, flowers, grass, paths, trees, maybe a small statue of something.
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