Project: Skyfall by Hasorko and Arlan89

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  1. Skyfall.png

    Teleporter to viewing platforms at 6293

    Skyfall is the new project of me, Hasorko, and Arlan89. We are aware of the expectations those have, who know us. And for those, I can just say, in the scaling this project will be huge even for us. As far as humor and design goes... well thats up to you ;)

    This thread is supposed to be a diary of the project, so I wont say what it is about rather then describe its progress. So lets start!

    Preparation Stage:

    The preparation Stage included planning the project (including a complet single player scratch) and the mats farming. This stage is almost finished, at least to this point that we can start the next stage, but before we do that lets take a look what the material list (by McEdit Analyze tool) looks like:

    - ~73000 Wool: 920 White, 8 Magenta, 1642 Light Blue, 5442 Yellow, 35297 Blue, 28815 Green, 353 Black
    - 23592 Smooth Stone
    - 1000 Cobble Stone
    - 2500 Stone Bricks
    - 1445 Cobblestonewalls
    - 252 Glowstone
    - ~2600 leaves of different kinds

    This is what 73k of wool looks like! XD


    Constructing Stage:

    So construction started! Where? Smp3 6293, 6294, 6295, 6296, 6367, 6368, 6369 , 6370. Yes 8 res in a 2x4 area.


    (Older stages)
    Earth Plate.JPG

    The first big object in our project is done. The huge flying pixel art is 256x128 pixel and already used up much of the wool. For those with any kind of humor a little hint (this is a joke ;) )


    Today we started to work on the side below the structure. This is what you can actually SEE ingame. (If your computer can handle far distance low fog XD)
    As usual I got you some screens, showing the progress we did today! I hope you enoy (click the small ones to zoom)

    Gerüst.png Gerüst2.png Roof-Gestell.png halfroof.png roof.png roof-front.png roof inside.jpg walls1.jpg walls2.png Walls2.jpg Walls Front.jpg Front.jpg
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  2. Sounds cool! Good luck! :)
  3. Nicely done!
  4. Yay! Another event! Missed the last one, so make it Saturday at 10:00am pst ;)
  5. I can't wait for this to get more done on it. Im pretty excited for it
  6. Looking good Haso :D
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  7. Added viewing plattforms! Follow teleporters at 6293 and enjoy :D
  8. Good luck hasorko :) If you are ever low on a couple of blocks, just leave me a PM and i might be able to supply some of them.
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  9. You just never stop do you hasorko... First the gold temple now this. :p
  10. Pretty awesome, dropped off what I could.
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  11. The Golden temple was my 3. project already. I also build:

    Res 6727



    Iskierkas Prison
    res 6839

    Hasorko - Iskierka's Prison.jpg

    And thx to your donation Neon ;). LadBlo was very active donating stone and wool too thanks for that :D
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  12. :O
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  13. Pretty much the reaction when visiting Hasorko's Domains xD