[Project] Projects, projects,projects

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  1. Support and see my project at ./v 1984, ./v 1778 at SMP 1


    I have too many of them:

    Project Airship (1st res)

    Project Firework (1st res)

    Project HARDCORE PARKOUR (1st res)

    Project Casino Corner (1st res)

    Project Dollar Tree (Pepe's res)

    Project n00bz z0n3 (1st res)

    Project Bazaar (1st and Pepe's res)

    Project Black Market (1st res)

    Project Sky Hotel (1st res)

    Project Pixel Art (1st res)

    Project Head (2nd res needed)
  2. Then get working
  3. So, are you asking for donations, or for people to come look? :)
  4. Both, support the builds and work the progress
  5. Working on Project Firework, out of funds...
  6. My advice - don't start what you can't finish.

    These sound kinda cool, but if you can't possibly make something happen at all without any donations, maybe it's just too much? I would focus in getting a good financial backing before starting projects. Anyways, goodluck and I'll check them out tomorrow.
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  7. Project Firework just need fireworks to made, Project HARDCORE PARKOUR is about 70% done, Project Airship is 70% done, Project Casino Corner just needs the dispensers to be filled, Project Bazaar and Black Market is 20% done. Project n00bz z0n3 just needs to add chests (for free stuff) and the rest are yet to be started...
  8. You waited 10 minutes to bump your post? What lol
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  9. /(_-_)\
  10. bumps to help!!
  11. bump (need support!!)
  12. Very need some RUPEES!! (bump)
  13. wow lots of projects :O
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  14. Update: Project Skyblock --> Project Sky Hotel