[PROJECT] Piggy Mansion

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Are these reasonable donation rewards?

Yes, these are great! 5 vote(s) 71.4%
No, I'd expect more for doing such a hard job. 1 vote(s) 14.3%
It's a little much. 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. I'm building a gold farm, and I need obsidian. 2 DCs of it. :eek: The completed farm will be a private farm with 90 portals. Before you even think about it, yes, the farm will be live-map proofed. :p You get 32 regular golden apples per stack of obsidian and 32 god apples for every 9 stacks donated. :D Please donate!
  2. So, this farm is private, that means no player can use it except you? Oh, and do you need the obsidian immediately? Or can it wait several days?
  3. Well, it's not private as in only for me, but it is for members of Xinc_Intustries only. Also, I can wait for the obsidian, but I'd like to get started on this project ASAP.
  4. Is the obsidian for the walls? If so, maybe you can use another material for it and create the inside and when the obsidian comes you can replace the material you first used. Just a suggestion.
  5. It's a GOLD FARM! I need obsidian for the portals!
  6. you need like two DCs of obsidian for JUST portals?! It only takes around 10-12 obsidian for 1 portal. :eek:
  7. The portals will be max size, 23 by 23 frame. I need 2 DCs not counting corners. This IS a 90-portal farm, after all.
  8. Why you doing 23 by 23? XD
  9. Most pig spawns. 23 by 23 with ten portals spits out 8 blocks of gold's worth in 5 minutes. My favorite feature of the farm design I'm using is that you don't have to agro the pigmen to kill them.
  10. Well, good luck on your gold farm. I'll try to get obsidian to you next week or so because I'm on Spring Break and now out of town. If you don't need the obsidian, let me know because I do kinda need it.
  11. Well, so far I have a 1 donator who donated 9 stacks.
  12. BuMp, If I mAy
  13. Hmm.. May get an Obsidian gen again..
  14. I can't see that enough people donating to make a difference. What use to people generally have for golden apples? Not enough people fight mobs for a living and happen to have a few stacks of obsidian lying around. Also, I think people won't donate as much due to the fact it is a private farm. Maybe instead of giving apples you can give the co-ordinates for nine stacks of obsidian? I know that is risky, but you will get it done much quicker.
  15. I don't need cobble! And besides, even if you don't pvp with golden apples or anything, you can make a good bundle off em.
  16. Sorry, I got cobble and obsidian mixed up: their textures are similar.
  17. I am all for donations but let me get this right: You are part of Xinc Industries which defines itself as a profit organisation and still you are asking seriously for donations for a project that will only be accessible for members of said organisation? Hate to burst your bubble here but most people who are willing to 'donate' for things except at least some kind of return - even if its just something nice to look at. I seriously believe it would be more fair to open a trade thread for this