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  1. I'm making an ocean monument.... yay. This will be an awesome build with the help of some people. I'm not asking for donations, but if you want to that's fine. Atm you can't access my res. But since inside the monument its alot of space, what should i put in it? comments, concerns, ideas, post in this thread. Thx and have a great day :)
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  2. Try putting aquatic-themed decorations on the inside.

    Some Examples:

    *Representations of Greek Sea God Poseidon, or The Leviathan or the Pokémon Kyogre or Lugia.
    *A Trident
    *Elder Guardian Statue
  3. Sharks!
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  4. If you put it on sand, you could put wavy columns of leaves to look like kelp/seaweed.
  5. how would a make that?
    explain please im slow :(
  6. I don't get what you're saying to me.
  7. how do i make that?* sorry grammer sucks :(
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