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    Greetings folks!

    I got a huge project on Utopia, and I'm looking for help. It's a 120x120 castle for which I got a schematica file.

    I'm looking for people who can assist me building that castle as fast as possible. I'll need to get all materials first, but after that I need the build team to assist!

    I'm looking for old players, preferably 300+ days, who can work with Schematica mod and who I can trust with loads of blocks and a expensive/hard to build project.

    You'll be rewarded with rupees and a room to stay in! Once Utopia is opened to regular members you can stay in my castle and use it as a house/storage whilst you go wilderness mining/hunting and all that :)

    If you're interested please fill in this form:

    Age (in EMC days):
    Why you want to help:
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: Y / N
    A little story about your build qualities:

    Thanks in advance :D

  2. Name: LadBlo
    Age (in EMC days): 599
    Why you want to help: I like building, but I'm not very creative myself, so I would really enjoy building a huge and nice project :)
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: Y (have worked on building a large scale project with schematica for somebody on EMC)
    A little story about your build qualities: Not sure what to input here.
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  3. Woopwoop, that's a +1 then :)

    I'll start a conversation!

    Any others?
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  4. Do you have to know how to use schematica mod because if you do i am useless :(?
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  5. Having it installed is more important then knowing how to use it. It's rather easy to explain how the mod works :)
  6. B(uild team) U(ultra) M(inced meat) P(ie)!
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  7. Name: Dj__Krazy
    Age (in EMC days): 538 days...
    Why you want to help: This seems like a cool project that I want to be apart of
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: Nopes,but I'm planning to learn...
    A little story about your build qualities: Well I can terraform stuff...
  8. Alright, I'd suggest getting the mod installed and practicing a bit :)

    I first need to get all items bought!
  9. Name: tedrocker
    Age (in EMC days): 499
    Why you want to help: I love to build and don't have much to do at the moment.
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: Yes
    A little story about your build qualities: I can build fast and as you saw when I helped tear the inside of your tower out with the help of ShadyShannon, I am very focused on what I do.
  10. I can give you some items if you need it :D
  11. #3 is in

    I'll post the material list this Tuesday (When I'm back in my dorm)
  12. Age (in EMC days): 932 Days
    Why you want to help: I need something to do and figure this will give me good experience
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: N (I can learn and it seems fairly easy)
    A little story about your build qualities: I have experience and my friends think I am a fairly good builder.
  13. I would love to help you. Thing is have absolutely no clue on how to use schematica. :/
  14. I will teach you!
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  15. Very easy, like baby easy, took me like 1 min...
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  16. :eek: Okay if it's easy as many people say schematica is then sure I'll sign up :)
    Age - 960 + (I forget how many)
    Why - would like to be part of a cool build and learn to use schematica.
    Do I know how to use schematica? - well ill try to learn :)
    Little story of my building. - to be honest I'm not very creative but when it comes to following guidelines I can do That
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  17. Two need people for the team!

    Get the mod installed and my other builders will help you understand the how and the how fast :D
  18. Age: 790 days
    Why you want to help: I'm not involved in a big project right now and need something to do.
    Schematica: I have experience with the mod and know how to use it.
    Build History: I am terrible at creating builds but will certainly be able to place a bunch of blocks. I'm descent at terraforming and interiors and build relatively fast.
  19. Team member # I lost count :p
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  20. If you still need workers, I can help.

    Name: ChickenButler
    Age (in EMC days): 247
    Why you want to help: Looks like fun and I like to build complex structures.
    Do you know how to work with Schematica mod: No but I am installing it and have used other Minecraft schematic programs.
    A little story about your build qualities: I like to build but not very good at original creations. See my house I created from a build I saw on the internet (SMP9 : 18434) for an example of what I have done in the past. This is somewhat similar to your project. I built it entirely by myself and gathered all the material for it from the wasteland.