[Project] Mansion Madness

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  1. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've had a project to work on and I just recently had an idea. The idea is this: an old worn down mansion. Yeah, okay, I know you're probably thinking that it's been done before (a million times), but I made up a story along with my idea that might spark your interest. Keep reading on to get to what I hope will be the fun part to you.
    It's sort of like an adventure map, but not really... I still have things to work around so it's still a sketchy idea, but we will be building it. Once I finish the house I will allow people to go in freely. There may be a prize included in the house. :eek:

    Topdawg657, christina80, and I will be working on this project together on topdawg's Utopia res. We would like to continue building and eventually finish it, but we have a lack of materials. Here is a list of materials we have enough of for now and need for future building.

    Have Enough Of For Now:
    Stone Brick
    Mossy Cobble

    Need For Future Building:
    Pine Wood/Planks
    Cracked Stone Brick
    Mossy Stone Brick

    If you have these items and would like to sell or donate some to us let me know in this thread.
    We'd appreciate it a lot if anybody donated to us to help us build and buy stuff, but it's definitely not required.
    As we build I'll post screenshots of our progress. I hope that once this is done it will be fun for anyone to go to and enjoy. :)

    Donators: (Correct me if I made a mistake on anything!)
    creeper3846 - 7-8 stacks of stone and 7 iron ingots
    bl8nk - Dbl chest of sand, 7 stacks of mossy cobble, 4 stacks of coal ore, a F3E4 Pickaxe, and a dbl chest of stone brick
    Gap542 - 1k
    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx - 5k and 9 enchanted tools
    Codygraw101 - 2 stacks of pine wood, about 5 stacks of stone brick, and 1 stack of mossy cobble

    Progress Shots:
    Just Starting
    Getting to the Second Floor, Still Needs Work
    Getting Higher, Still Needs More Work
    Added windows
  2. Cool idea, if you need a prize system, i made one in my tower (8877, smp4), that blocks for 5 minutes after a prize is claimed.

    I will defenitly explore this thing when its done :)
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  3. Can't wait to see it when its done! And i can get Sand\glass, Stone, and Cobblestone whenever i have a chance to :)
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  4. I have about 6-8 stacks of mossy cobble I could give you next time I come in from the wild. I'll check with you when I do and see if you still need it.

    EDIT: And also, I have a single chest full of sand I won't use. Which do you need more, sand or glass?
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  5. That's a good idea. I'll check it out when I have time.

    I didn't get a chance to say thanks for the stone you gave me before you left. So thank you! :)

    That mossy cobble would help a lot! Also, it doesn't matter which; sand or glass is fine.
    If I get tons of sand then great! I can turn it into glass.
  6. To actually see the system, tell me once ingame, so i can show you. All the redstone stuff is of course hidden.
  7. Thanks for all the supplies Bl8nk. We're building it on my res on Utopia. ;)
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  8. Thanks for buying my pine wood.

    I also got double chest of glass and double chest of cobblestone
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  9. Topdawg made a good point about me posting screenshots of our progress. If I show too much of the inside once it gets more complete it may ruin the surprise when it is officially done. So, instead of showing tons of pictures of it on the inside and the good stuff, I'll be posting progress of the outside. Sorry. :p Here is the first picture.

    We have A LOT more decorating to do on the outside so don't feel disappointed with my fail architecture. lol

    The pixel art on the right is my unfinished Rainbow Dash. Ignore it's girlyness. xD

    I also changed the list for what we need. We are going to need a lot more stone brick and pine wood/planks.
    Anybody selling those things in bulk?
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  10. I can work on getting some stone brick over the weekend. You should be able to count on a single chest from me by Sunday night.
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  11. That would be much appreciated.
  12. Annnd our stone brick supply is gone! Does anybody sell it in bulk? I'd like to buy a ton of it! Post here or PM me!
  13. This is totes not a bump.
  14. Apcmagician sells a stack at a time on smp2
  15. I guess you don't need my double chest of sand/glass or cobble/stone/stone bricks.

    ( I could smelt if you want )
  16. I'll Donate 1,000r rupees. To who should I send,Topdawg or you,Bugmo?
  17. Cool, thanks. I'll check out his shop.

    No, I'd love some cobble/stone/stone bricks. Anything you have I'm willing to buy.
    Although I may not need the sand/glass. We have quite a bit of that. ;)

    Thanks! You can send it to me. I'll definitely use that for supplies.
  18. Just sent you the 1k rupee donation :p

    PM me here or in-game once you have time for the dbl chest of cobble.
  19. Need any pickaxes Eff IV Unb III or any other enchants? I'd be happy to give them to you! :)
  20. Thank you! I'll be sure to let you know when I have the time to pick it up.

    That would be helpful actually! Thanks. We'll take any that you feel you wanna give us. I'll just set up an access chest on topdawg's Utopia res for you to put them in. His res number is 5017. :)
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