[Project] Jimbo tower

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No 2 vote(s) 5.7%
  1. Hey this project is going to be a massive skyscraper. It is res # 7314 on smp3.
    Here are some pictures of so far I will continue to update this page.
    PLEASE give me re-contaminations for what should go on the floors.

    This is the picture of what I have done so far...
  2. The blue! I'm blind!

    On a separate note...how tall do you plan on making it?
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  3. This sounds awesome! You should have like a giant shop within it, possibly the ability for players to rent rooms. Maybe you could even have a giant farm for something or even EVERYTHING!
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  4. I know right it hurts! I vote for him making it to maximum world height!
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  5. That's the goal!
  6. I think I will make it 6 floors up then I will put stuff inside.
    I currently have four floors.
  7. I'll change it! (colour)
  9. Ohh yea does anyone sell wood?
  10. 5weety may be able to help you with that contact her :)
  11. Thanks I already have one employed person! :)
  12. No problem!
  13. Just finished the roof of the 4th floor.
    I'm gonna start on the fifth!
  14. Stupid internet made me vote no..... I really like the look!
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  15. The start of the fifth floor.
  16. Thanks
  17. just finished the window pictured!
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  18. 2 windows down 2 to go!
  19. Bye guys time for bed look forward to seeing what you have commented when I wake up!