[Project/Hotel] Clock Tower Hotel - SMP 4

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  1. The Clock Tower Hotel!

    The room prices are as follows:
    Small - 500r
    Medium - 1000r
    Large - 1750r
    Floor (Massive!) - 2750r

    Some Current Pictures:



    Second Floor:


    And if you see the second floor picture the wool walls, I dont know what these should look like but if you do have and ideas then post a comment!

    Also I am taking donations or the rooms can be purchased now just PM me or comment.

    There are chests on SMP 4 9140 for donations of wool. Also if you would donate but want me to collect please PM me or comment on here and I will collect it via a [ACCESS] sign.

    You may say "Your Gold!" or "You own prostarter to fund people!!" yes but my budget is stretched at the moment and I need as much as I can get.

    Thank You

  2. I want a small room. Is the rent weekly or monthly or permanent?
  3. if there permanent then i will buy a floor for 2750r
  4. well they should be permanent but if you want to rent we can agree on a price ;)
  5. i want a floor and would like to have a job at the hotel
  6. sure, i will think of jobs ;) building or working?
  7. i wnt a permanent job like im on alot i would also build stuff like a staff room
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  8. kk i need all right to build a staff lace cuz i will pleace chests and stuff
  9. pm with info