[Project] Giant Melon maze and cheap melon farm project...

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Tiggerstar, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone i am making a 60x60x60 melon with a maze inside on smp9, pm me if you would like to donate melons! I am also excepting red wool donations!!!
  2. I would donate but I literally have no melons or red wool
    But I will be sure to try and beat the maze when you're done with it :D
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  3. There will be a rupee prize to who finishes first, still debating the price....
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  4. Will you BUY melons off people?I have a small melon farm.
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  5. Depends the price..
  6. I can sell them for 7r/block.
  7. No thanks then...
  8. Then 4r/block.
  9. I know of free melon farms and very cheap melon farms.... like 1r for 64 slices.... and auto farms that give it for free...
  10. I can't pay for doing that...I don't have much money.
  11. Bump foarz the melon!
  12. Nick5013 would love this...
  13. I've got a public farm with melons at 3512. Pretty sure 5222 on utopia and 18006 on smp9 have them too. :)