[Project] Freedom Tower (9/11 Memorial)

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  1. Hey guys. This project (to me anyways) means a lot. Not only did I lose a family member here, but I also know a lot of other people had too. Now this thread is not to cause arguments, ect. But this will be my new project. If nobody has seen Freedom Tower, here is a picture.

    1. The biggest and most helpful donation I can recieve: Rupees.
    2. Item I will be using: Ice, Wool, Wood, Iron Blocks, Stone Bricks
    Anyways, this will possibly be located on res #911 on SMP1 if i can get ahold of I_Clutch_Zombies. If not, then I will either wait three days to start it, or make it on my res i currently have. There is a strong possibility of me continuin to make some of the other building/waterfalls in the park on an alt if i can get a residence next door. Anyways, thanks guys, appreciate you reading this.
  2. Thats a really cool idea! I might be able to help out with some ice donations if I get time.
  3. I'll get you started and shoot 1000R your way. Good luck!
  4. Also, if anyone can get a hold of I_Clutch_Zombies please do so for me!
  5. Donation place set up at 2301, with ice chests, and rupee chests
  6. I'lll make a Tree Farm for you.
  7. Ive got access to Splinterville on SMP1, but thank you :)
  8. I think because he had built the memorial on 911, his res did not get reset. Talk to the mods and super admins to see if you can get the res.
  9. What kind of wood and what color of wool will you be using?
  10. Mostly white wool. And mostly oak planks
  11. He hasnt been on for 7 days, not 10 :)
  12. Dimensions:
    Height: 227 Blocks
    Length: 28 blocks
    Width: 27 blocks
  13. I dont have any rupees to give away at the moment and im soo sorry. I am personally related to the 911 attacks because my father passed away as a EMS/Firefighter who gave his life for saving others. When this project is done, it will be great for not just me, but many others. R.I.P. L. D. Shover and other people. And thanks to you Bunkerllama for making this project for me and fellow EMC'ers.
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  14. you are very welcome Waffle.
  15. I,l try to donate something- it's very nice of you to do this :)
  16. Thank you :)
  17. Ill invest all I have in this project, I myself am not personally related to this but I believe that it is a very worth while act to represent. Anything you need bunker and ill do my best. Just let me know.
  18. Thank you jk
  19. Hopefully, I can get this someday. [Created on creative] 2013-05-18_22.34.23.png
  20. Pshh give me 100k, 4 lots, and 1 day and I could build that xD