[Project] Finch_Rocks!

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  1. If you don't know already then Finch_rocks_1 and his Alternates are accepting double chests of the following items for the move permission and tp until he is done with the build
    Circle Stone
    Gold Blocks
    Iron Blocks
    Redstone Lamps
    Mossy Or Cracked Stone Brick
    Lapis Blocks
    And for all you people that will get angry at me for posting about someone elses build he has given me permission to post this and is hard at work on this project ( all accepted donations will go towards his builds
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  2. The main res to see the build is at 12079, rules are as posted

    this is a 8 res project and includes all the res's around 12079 that are stone (12122, 12121, 12120, 12119, 12080, 12079, 12078, 12077). this build is based of of this build
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  3. Sorry i fixed the pics,
    I will be uploading more when i get more of the build completed, until then feel free to go to res 12079 and check out the progress,