project faze reciutment

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  1. project apex is a cool place with witch huts blaze spawners guardian temples and soon iron and gold farms :D i have lots of plans but it gets lonely out there so i want friends :D
    owners: Shyguy_1 crazy_X_gamer mikecraft215 and bitnibbles
    the frontier town is made of 2 districts
    housing (town halls storages homes etc)
    farming zone (blazes gold iron )


    if u have any questions or if u want to talk in game meet me on smp 8 :D good luck and pls apply
  2. reserver for updates and notices
  3. Morning bump :D pls someone apply
  4. Bump :D please someone apply ;-;
  5. Can I apply
  6. Yes u can if u fill it the application or put me into a convoy :D
  7. Bump anyone else want to join?
  8. Bump pls join ;-;
  9. I don't think we need to recruit...

    Also why faze? Couldn't it have been a better and less stupid name like blazed or Pyro?
  10. Project update changed name to project apex ( happy shy)
  11. I originally picked it off of fe (periodontics anticipation for iron) and az for gold I plan to have both also stupid question i was wondering if u could do the wireing for the blaze farm? I can't seem to do it right
  12. I hate auto correct I am on my phone and it changes everything
  13. Okay, just skip to the point of the wiring, get me the stuffs and let me do it :)
  14. K I will be on in like a hour :D