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  1. hey emc,

    so i have plans to create a very awesome looking residence! it will include ores, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, iron blocks, gold blocks, beacons, and wither skulls. however i dont have the rupees to build it all. so i am asking (not begging) for any type of donations that include the items listed above or rupees! if u do donate u get special perks to the res ( havent quite thought of the perks yet, but they will be awesome)! if u dont feel like donating u can sell them to me for a cheap price!
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  2. I'll donate a few iron blocks, ill set up an access chest for you at 4001 on smp2
  3. Thank u!! Means a lot :D
  4. Seems like a great project.. But if you dont have the money in the first place, you shouldnt really be building a residence like that. But I know, im just like you. :p I'll maybe donate.. :p
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  5. Well I do have some cash I have 50k ATM but project expensive starts tomorrow! :D
  6. 50,000 isnt really much to start a building with all those.
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  7. I might be able to donate some iron blocks. Plus 5ok for a project like this isn't really enough. For something like my remodel of stone storage could be done with 50k but a project like this could easily take millions of rupees.
  8. I would suggest spending a week or so killing Wither Skeletons and selling the skulls. This will allow you to make the money you need and no have to beg for the resources (when you dont have the money to build the project its considered begging (donations as classed as covering your current overheads with a promise to give back to the community, such as a hotel giving highest donators a free room for life, or shops giving donators a reduced price on items.))
  9. I will donate another suggestion to you ;) Careful here it comes:

    Saying you rproject and the resulting perks will be awesome, isnt really promissing. To improve you can first show us what you have in mind. So you could make a singleplayer version of your res. Or you could show us pictures of something resembling it. This would also help you to understand if you can ever finish it.

    Another thing what always helps if you have a start. You need to show your own dedication to it. Me as a possible donator will not even think about giving a block to you, until I'm sure that you will never quit on your project even if you run out of donations. Some prjects take a while my golden palace at smp 3 6436, is already in progress for month now, since it is hard to get that much gold. But people see my dedication to it. So I get some gold donated here and there once in a while.

    Third if you really want to thank the donators for their money/ items, then dont make promisses in advance, if you haven't planed it out. It will be hard for you to deal with a mad crowd, once you say "Hmm, well I know I promised you perks, but I dont really have an idea what."

    Improve your thread here, to show us a bit of passion to your project. As long as you dont care to improve those easy things, I dont fell like donating.

    Greetz Hasorko
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