[Project] EMC SHRINE! (Warning. Pointlessness is involved. Lots of pointlesness.)

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  1. Hallo! Today I've decided I'm going to do an absolutely pointless project! Why? Because I'm FULL of pointless ideas! *whispers* pointless. Ok. So the goal is for me to make a shrine of EMC players and staff! What will happen is everybody that posts a pointless comment get's their head in the shrine. It is in a singleplayer world but I'll post screenshots! All you have to do is write something pointless and hope it's pointless enough for me. Also, first to name my reference somewhere in here ^ and tell me who does it, (first and last name), and what television show it is from wins 1k! Let's get pointless!

    Btw liked posts are entered posts :)
    Also, if you are a steve please do not enter. I will NOT be including steve heads as they ruin the look of it. Sorry for the inconvenience but you can change your skin! Here's a link to a video for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyAlSUY8E4k
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  2. something pointless and hope it's pointless enough for me.
  3. This makes to much sense.
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  4. Bump. BTW random words are pointless (hint hint)
  5. The random pie swallowed the running money that slapped monkeys.
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  6. Wants your autograph:
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  7. Point point pointless less point and point for the point point of pointlessness!!!!
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  8. Potato
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  9. time for more pointlessness:
    r54t ghy67u y7u6t5rdfghjklkjnhbgfdxssdfg
    ^I actually rolled my face on my keyboard
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  10. Is the point less man even on to like our pointless comments
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  11. Are you steve?
  12. Yup
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  13. Yes.
  14. If you change your skin tell me :)
  15. I won't, at least I haven't in my 3 years of MC.
  16. I Used To Hav A 'Moist Plinth' Which Is The King Of All Words

    Moist Plinth
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  17. Well then I'm sorry but I won't be including you in the shrine. :(
  18. Steve Ate a taco, Steve didn't Like Taco, Steve exploded By a creeper while eating a spicy Taco.
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