[Project] EMC Music Video

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  1. Hello all!
    I've been thinking about a way to promote Empire in a fun, creative way. So I'm making a music video! Of course I need help, I am recruiting actors (For voice and body) and residences.
    Will be starting as soon as possible!
    More info will be released soon, check the update tab below!


    Lyrics finished!
  2. Reserved for futher use :D
  3. I signed up to be an actor. FYI I can only get on Tuesday and Thursday sometime in game from 4:30-6:00 EST and available about all day on Saturday for when I can get on. I am available almost all the time when I am out of school for out of game work though.
  4. Thank you for informing me, it's very helpful
  5. Bump! Lyrics finished, need more people to sign up! You get to be on youtube and promoted!
  6. I signed up. I work best on weekends tho. Can only play 1 hour on weekdays ;)
  7. Changed op, bump!
  8. It's FORM not FORUM.
  9. Fixed.
  10. Is this still going on?
  11. Somewhat, there aren't enough actors
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  12. You should have asked the OP if you wanted an update on the project, please do not ignore the red text at the bottom of the page.