[Project] EMC In Single-Player!

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Yes 20 vote(s) 90.9%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Just Delete the world... 2 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Hey guys, I've been working super hard on making EMC exclusives in Single-Player. It's not finished but i needed some support to help me finish it. It will have the Mobs,Bosses,Items, And Replicas of Stuff in EMC. I took some screenshots so far and tell me what you think :D

    Item Vault-

    Mob Hallway-

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  2. Hm, looks cool! :D So basically it's just a overview of the things you could have in EMC, and that are special to EMC, but then in single player?
  3. Yes, Special text and everything :D
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  4. I need more support than this :p
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  5. Me like, but why isn't the Marlix flying? You can make him fly, you know, just summon him riding an invisible bat with resistance five.
  6. There was a bat, it despawned, he'll be riding when it's ready to download :)
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  7. I'm pretty sure bats and other mobs don't despawn if they have a name. Hopefully that'll help. ;)
  8. Great, nuff said.
  9. And the name would be invisible too?
  10. SWEET! Can i have a DL?
  11. Download will be up when it's done :)
  12. Sounds pretty cool :) Maybe you should have a hall of staff members and cool players :cool:
  13. Make me a beacon shrine like the one in my sig! :D
  14. Didn't even think of that :D
  15. No. (Maybe)
  16. Aw :( (hm...)
  17. :p Glad to help ;)
  18. Who would be classified as cool players? :p
  19. You sir, are an Orange Duck, definitely a cool player in my books :p

    This looks awesome so far, it's different to any project I've seen before