[Project] EMC Golfcourse 8656

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I've been working on a little project for a while now on SMP4 8656 and I thought it's time to tell all of you about it! So basically I'm building a Golf Course, my vision is to have 18 unique different holes! (If I can fit that many on my res). I also plan on having events maybe every 2 weeks and keeping a leaderboard and at the end of each month the amount of money raised through entry fees etc will all go to the first player or the top 3 depending on what I pick, or I will have a vote.

    Construction has begun and we are currently up to the 5th hole. All of the holes have been customised by me but I definitely could not have done it without xothis_dwarf, I was to give a massive shout out to him for building my spawn I probably would not have even gone ahead with the course if it wasn't for him and his kindness, even when I offered him payment he refused! everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere and I got mine from (Insert Name When Remembered). I stumbled upon (Name)'s residence one day and I saw he had made a very small basic golf course so I asked him if I could build a bigger better one, he said yes and agreed to help me!

    And how do you play golf in Minecraft you might ask? Well, it's not really golf, you basically buy a ball at my spawn for 50r or bring your own for free and just press 'q' at the start line and watch the "ball" roll, wait for it to stop and then keep trying until you get it into the hole! There are pars at each hole so try and beat them!

    The course still has a bit of time to go, it's a non-profit organisation, although I do sell golfballs (Pieces of wool) at the spawn for 50r. Donations are very much appreciated, not just rupees but quartz, packed/normal ice and green carpet is greatly appreciated and most of this course is made from quartz so it's quite pricey. This is one of many future public creations to come, my next project being a public once again non-profit organisation that is designed to benefit the community and not my rupee balance.

    Here is a little update on how the course it coming along, keep in mind this is only the 5th hole, 13 more are to come!

    Once again thank you EMC for all you have given me and I really hope you guys have fun on this course!

  2. Bump! Come check it out, bloodra1n and myself are working on some prototype courses!
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  3. cool, that will be fun to play! you should make it go above and below the main res level
  4. Why not use snowballs for golf balls?
  5. Because when two players are playing I don't want the snowballs going together because they automatically group and stack, thus why I have different colour wool for sale so they don't stack

    That is my next objective we are going to be experimenting with above the res and then below :)

    Glad you guys like it!
  6. I dont understand how the ball situation will work, if u re using wool whst do u just eject it from your inventory?
  7. Yes, that's how it works :) The wool will then roll on the grass (the green area) and then when it stops you eject it from your inventory again, it's much easier than throwing snowballs because you may not re use them.
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  8. This is really cool, I've never seen anything like this before :D
  9. Thanks! We currently got two more prototypes if anyone wants to check them out! :p
  10. I came over to check it out, it's a lot of fun and really cool
  11. Bumpity Bumpity Bump
  12. I think it would be cool to make one in the wild that you use ender pearls to try to get into a 2x1 hole.
  13. Okay, this was considered but, there are two problems.

    1. Griefers, a very obvious one

    2. Using ender pearls is annoying because you might run out.

    So overall building on my res would be much easier, and to use something you dont need to constantly refill.
  14. 1. What's life without a little risk? Everything we build in the wild is in danger, but we do it anyway.

    2. I, along with most gold/diamond supporters, would happily donate DC upon DC of ender pearls, as they are pretty much like dirt due to endertopia.
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  15. When will we start having competitions
  16. When the course is complete :)