[Project] Dragonia Hotel - Grand Refurbishment!!!

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  1. Hello dear peeps of EMC!

    As you all know, a few months ago the Dragonia Hotel (Utopia 5003) was officially pronounced ''Open for Business'', however, the hotel became a death trap and noone ever visited. So I hereby tell you all that i'm gonna refurbish the WHOLE hotel and add a surprise :D

    The Dragonia Hotel as it is now has 24245 sand blocks in it already! I'm gonna need a little more than that :p.

    Here's where you guys come in! I am looking for donaters to donate:
    Glass Panes
    Oak logs or Oak Planks
    White & Black wool

    powerdan 20k
    bobalek 1.5k

    BobTheTomato9798 (9stacks sand, 7.5 stacks planks)
    jaari (27stacks sand)

    (More items might be added lateron!)

    For all those who donate theres a FREE week in the new Dragonia Hotel. I'll assign all donaters a room in the hotel depending on how much materials they've donated :)

    If you wish to donate, please leave a reply here!

    Residence: 5003, Utopia

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. if you donate 1 sand u get a room?
  3. Donations need to be more then 1 block XD At least 3-4 stacks
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  4. Whats the res
  5. 5003, utopia
  6. dagnit XD
    ill donate some sand ;)
  7. I can't go onto it it says i have no move prem
  8. The movement perms will be put back once MR2R2M has logged on =p
  9. Ok thanks
  10. Ok - I'm curious. How was your hotel killing people? The image in my head is of a spooky haunted hotel. Evil deep voice saying "You check in, but you never check out ... muahahahahaha"
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  11. Well, it was more something like a dead place XD We were fully booked and many weeks in advance, but the guests never really showed up XD As if they got killed on the tour bus on the way there =p

    But now i'm gonna upgrade it add some floors and run the hotel a lot better.
  12. You should have gone with the haunted aspect and charged for tours =p Made up a lot of fun spooky stories. Kind of haunted house like! :p
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  13. Bump Bump Bump :D
  14. I can donate some sand ;)
  15. Are you able to log onto Utopia now?
  16. No I am not I will be able to later though. Sorry
  17. I'll put up a access chest for you, follow the signs when you spawn at 5003 :)
  18. Gotcha ;)
  19. erm, your name doesnt fit the sign XD
  20. Put : [Access]
    BobTheTomato979 it will work ;)
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