[Project] Community Maze Build

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dektirok, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Heya everyone!!

    So... I've decided to start a new project on SMP5 and wanted to see if anyone wanted to help.

    I am looking to build a GIANT 3d maze, that once completed will be open to the public for special events.

    When I say giant, I mean I am looking to build one that is MINIMUM 41x150x41 (x,y,z as on minecraft). Depending on how many people wish to help/dontate I may take it close to the ceiling.

    I am looking for people to either help build, or donate materials (stone/stone brick/Netherbrick/signs only).

    If you are willing to do either please let me know. I am looking to start in the next couple of days.

    There is no pay associated with this. However, if you help, you will be listed on a board of all those that did. This is for the community, not for personal gain. If you commit to help build, please be prepared to commit building at minimum a 41x20x41 section.
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  2. I'll donate! I got a load of stone and stone bricks that people never buy from my mall plus a load at my storage!
    Items will be ready for pickup at /v 9239 tomorrow afternoon! ;)
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  3. I set up donation chests at 10355
  4. What do you mean by "3D Maze"....?
  5. It's not just one level, it's up and down ladders, teleport signs, and/or stairs.

    Basically, you don't just complete one level at a time, in order to get to the end you have to up and down all over the place.
  6. hint: remove enter/leave message ...so that way individuals won't know when he/she walks off or on the res, and it won't spam them.
  7. Hey everyone! First two floors are done and I will open them to the public!! (*note* these will be the ONLY 2 floors open to general public until it's completion) These 2 levels are undoubtedly the easiest the maze will feature. It will progressively get harder and harder the higher you climb the tower.

    If you like what you see and want to help contribute to the project, please either PM me, post here or drop off mats in the many donation boxes! I need LOTS of Stone/Stone Brick/Glass/Wood of any kind

    Res# is 10355 on SMP5. Come on down and pay a visit!