[ PROJECT ] Collided Fortress

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  1. I am working on a half end, half nether kinda castle. Here are some pic of the status :)

    Res is 3004 smp2 if you want to check it out :p


    Donations needed :)

    Nether Brick ( Lots and lots of it)
    Glowstone ( More than lots and lots of it)
    Glass ( Just a little...)
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  2. I have to say that is a great last picture. :D
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  3. Thanks :)
  4. If your looking for a way to get a ton of Glowstone but some effort into it, get some Villager ex "19wheat=1Emerald=2 or 3 glowstonestone" so just grow a decent size wheat farm and enjoy your profits
  5. -checks off glowstone off the list-
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