[Project] Changing Maze/Drop party room

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  1. Hey all, so I've been looking through the event forums for a while now and have noticed the frequent drop parties that are hosted (Thanks to all those giving away free stuff to the digitally poor like me).

    These are some amazing events that help make the community alive, HOWEVER, it sometimes (most of the time) feels like a giant mob fest with occasional players coming out of these events with close to nothing in hand. To add on, most of these drop party rooms are the typical open room with dispensers spewing out items at given intervals (although that's the point of a drop party).

    Now, in my spare time since I had nothing to do, I have decided to make a more interactive drop room by building an ever changing maze! Of course this is not my design and nor are the Redstone designs anything new (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdpQj7k5wP0 Link to where I got the design) as well as adding in a bit of dropper action to make it a fully functional drop party ever changing maze room(s)?!

    Here is the outside ( kind of a mess)

    Top view

    The dropper system,

    2 items drop at each set interval. The 2 items that drop are not simultaneous and have a 8 Redstone tick interval between them.

    This means a single jump cannot get you both items that drop unless you are the only person in the room (Or no one else is jumping)

    So with all this done and finished, I was hoping to host my own drop party sometime (But then remembered I was poor. Ignore the somewhat expensive building materials used to build this).
    However, with even the problem of being poor solved, the main problem we all know that always shows up at Drop Parties..... the dreadful LAG. In addition to all this Redstone, lag will definitely be a problem so all that talking about making a super interactive ever changing drop party room will not be viable. Unless everyone participating has high end computers. :)

    Well that was a long post and if you wanna check it out, /v 11374

    Of course, to prevent lag to surrounding neighbours, the maze will not be on 24/7 so what all of you will be staring at is a large chunk of Redstone. If I happen to be on and you wanna try it out, just pm me and i'll turn it up for you.

    Although its not going to be used for its original purpose, I still have a list of tasks to make this project even more awesome!

    Task list:

    1) dropping floors
    2) Slime block launchers that launch you out (or at least somewhere)
    3) When I think of more

    Current Sticky Piston count: 192 used

    Will update as I complete them
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  2. Wow, very nice