[Project] Cathedral of Knowledge - Utopia Res

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  1. Hello all,

    I built this during the 3 month time period I spent looking for a spawn res for my mall and collecting materials for it.

    You may visit anytime on Utopia, residence 5037!

    ~Build Status~
    Build is complete! :D

    Fun Facts about this build:

    - This is currently the largest structure I've ever completed without creative mode or worldedit
    - Structure size 79w x 100l x 44h
    - Interior features main floor, second floor, attic, & basement levels
    - I like libraries and cathedrals, thus the idea of a cathedral of knowledge
    - Second largest project I've built on EMC (not counting secret stage stuff!)

    This build is composed of the following materials (some misc materials left out):
    2,334 Bookshelves
    178 Stone Buttons
    183 Red Carpet
    316 Cobblestone Fence
    772 Spruce Log
    512 Nether Brick
    314 Redstone Lamps
    1,100 Netherbrick Stairs
    77 Cobble Stairs
    4,371 Stonebrick Stairs
    1,434 Netherbrick Slab
    1,660 Stonebrick Slab
    19,055 Stonebrick
    1,184 Gray Glass Panes
    3,827 Spruce Planks


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  2. ~bump~
    After some intense leather farming, the interior is now complete & stocked with bookshelves! The library will now serve as a sort of book museum for interesting/rare books. I have a few put on display already, and new ones are always welcome. You can donate or lend books to me or drop them off at my home on SMP2 (3178) if interested.

    As for the rest of the space unused on the res, I'll end up making an automatic reed farm underground in the future. Other than that, project complete! :)

    =====Books Donated & On Display====
    Book of Colors (Promo) - Written by Maxarias
    Dragon Egg Guide - Written by Marlixias [Purchased at 18200 Museum]
    Thank You! - Written by VITIRI [Vitiri's 2 year anniversary celebration gift]
    Hug Coupon - Donated & written by Nick5013
    Short Stories #1 Misprint - Donated & written by caden672
    Getting Started - A standard starter book from my collection
    Thank you! - A thank you book I wrote to the people who donated to my mall prior to its completion
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  3. Always thought about building a Cathedral.
    Good luck with the building though, looks like its going to be a really nice build when your done :)
  4. And this fits onto 1 residence?
  5. A Utopian residence? Yes, they are very big compared to the normal residences. :) That was some bump, too...

    Anyways, seeing as how I haven't commented on this, I'd just like to say this is a great build Computrix, lots of time and effort can be seen by the detail in which you have built this Cathedral and I also like how you have one of my books on display ;) Great stuff!
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