[Project][Buying]Pateraterick's Joint Shop {Need suppliers}

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  1. Ellloooo people!

    I bring you the 4090 & 3888 project :

    4090 will be a giant mall in the weeks to come, i will need suppliers!
    You can supply, me with anything just sign up the supplier form below!

    >>>>>>Supplier Form<<<<<<

    What would you like to supply me with:
    How much are you looking forward to be receiving:
    How often are you able to supply:

    3888 will be a giant casino so i will need you guys to give me ideas!

    I will update my progress every 1-4 days !

    My res number is:
    4090, Smp2
    3888, Smp2

    Diamond suppliers can get their own chest in my shop

  2. The Update log!

    Have already spent 120k on sandstone in the past weeks, i am now low on rupees. Donation of
    any kind is needed! Post below to donate :)!

    Today 12/7/2
    I've sold nearly all my enchanted items just to get 20k.

    -Replaced the dirt floor with sandstone!
    -Marked out where i want to build.

    Rupee balance : 19,200