[Project] Building with sewers included

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  1. Hey guys, so your wondering what this is. So I have decided to make a large building with sewers included. The reason why is that I had a idea to make a find the treasure and I thought, hmmm how about this. This project will require about 750k. Most of it would go to a gold supporter to get second res. Then the blocks I would be using are prismine blocks (all the types). I would allow workers, but since this is my first project I would only allow one person. If intrest ed in helping, PM me. Please donate rupees and blocks. It would na appreciated. Thank you and have a great day.
  2. I would suggest building on one res first before you start asking for donations, as most would be afraid that you would just not build the build, or start and then end. You can always make builds that sound expensive be cheaper... trust me... there are tons of way to achieve that. Also maybe build a small outline on the single player world and then post some pics. maybe also add updates on progress and small res updates when its done to help show others what has been fixed or updated.
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  3. And on my first res is my shop and stuff so .....
  4. This is a rough draft of wat I want to doo but in different blocks