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  1. I am working on a huge redstone machines that all kinds of auto farms and other automated things into a 128 item sorter. I currently have 1 villager auto farm, 1 stacked melon farm, 1 10 chicken egg farm and 80 item sorters ready ATM. Also, there is a control room, which accounts for item incomes and teleports to the projects. All of this is linked by a water ditch, which transports the items. Everything is located at /v 8850, and then right-clicking the sign at the spawn. Sorry, no above ground structures yet, just the machine. Donations of cobblestone, redstone, chests, tripwire hooks, hoppers and rupees are accepted. Thank you.
  2. "The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment."
    -Warren Bennis
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  3. I'm curious, how does melon get collected automatically? And how do you automatically plant in Minecraft? Can you do that?
  4. I linked a daylight sensor to a contraption I made, which generates one redstone pulse every minecraft day. And in minecraft 1.8, villagers harvests and plants crops, so I filled his inventory up w/ seeds, and made a hopper minecart collect the crops.
  5. Planning on starting above ground construction.
  6. But you have to refill the seeds in his inventory then?
  7. Nope, when he harvests the wheat, it drops seeds, and he will collect it.

    Also, surface construction step 1 completed, with a nice-looking bush wall around the res.
  8. Sweet mama, your looking at about 4-5 months of construction.
  9. Not really, after I finish the sorters, the bulk of the project is finished. I will just keep on linking more auto farms into the system until the whole underground fills up, but at the moment, I am mostly working on above ground structures (a.k.a. a huge sandstone mansion) at the moment, so changes to the spawn will be drastic.
  10. I support this, this is my kinda build right here!

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  11. Update:
    The mainframe of the house is finished. It is a modern sandstone-glass based house, with details and decorations comming in the future. Teleport sign is located in the doorway. You can see everything at /v 8850 on smp4. Posting a picture soon.
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  12. Shoot me a pm if you ever want to see my HUGE 400+Item sorting system :D
  13. Does it have anything else beside a sorter? Also, pictures please!
  14. This is quite an efficient tool. On my 4 adjacent residences I have a railroad connecting the first 3 but I have yet to connect the last one with a railroad crossing. The residence #'s are 10225 10226 10227 and 10228, you'll probabily want to teleport to "/v 10225 main" and head east side of that residence on the town road.
  15. Image of the house: