PROJECT: 2515 Multipurpose Store

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  1. Hey guys! This store owned by (Coffee_Bullet, Melk 73, Redletuce and I) is a WIP and is a "ore" based store.
    We sell enchants, general stuff and soon will sell others stuff too!

    List of Donators:
    Coffee_Bullet ---Well alot! (0ver 100k for rupees and materials)
    Robot_Chicken_66 60k
    Faithcaster 20k
    Dragon_Bloom 10k
    Zachs15 10k
    Spiffley 1k
    acookiegod 1k
    Bugmo1207 1k
    Technolova 1k
    Tehwafflez 1k
    Gabrielrocks69 800r
    Hayjam 500r
    Peterdandethan 400r
    Ronesmagic 200r

    It would be Great if you guys donated!

  2. Awesome! (I have been there!)
    I will like to donate another 500r
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  3. Sweet once payment is received you will be acknowledged!
  4. Anybody who sees so much as a corner of your res knows that you're rich.
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  5. Nice, already seen this, and even bought! Don't be suprised to see something from me.
  6. Terms and Conditions of 2515 will posted up soon in a separate thread!
  7. i have fully stocked iron ingots/blocks and some other gems come to the 2nd floor now1
  8. I'll be making a sell thread of it with what we selll soon!
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  9. I'm in dire need of gold blocks! Who has them??
  10. Project is still up guys!
  11. I sent a rupee ;)
  12. Can i donate 5k?
  13. Yeah once payment is made and i get back from the wild I will put your name up (new wall on 2nd floor)