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  1. Well hello everybody, i made this thread to let you guys know i started a game project, basically i m trying to make a no-budget 1 man made platformer featuring 3 main YouTubers... and i still need 3 side characters so if any1 can guess one of the featured you tubers will be in the game, cant wait to get working on it, at this point only writing plot, name, topic and plans thatss al i guess see ya guys soon (note on the you tubers: they all played horror games and did a collab gameplay vid with each other)
  2. nope... i dont realy like him his subs are out of control
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  3. Kuledud3 he's very responsible and sane.
  4. nop, not him/her
  5. Okay since you're not going to choose him, I want you to know that he's completely nuts
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  6. Mark player, yamimash, minx?
  7. depends on who mark player is the other 2 is actually right
  8. Really! Yamimash and minx wow! :D
  9. an i guess you meant mark-i-pliers soo i ll PM you in a second
  10. The hawaian horror gamer right?