~/\{[Progress]}/\~ SMP1 High-Scale Casino.. The Millennium Tower!

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  1. After many months of preparation and designing, I finally finished the SP model of this giant build and I'm happy to say that construction has begun. This topic will track progress through pictures. I hope to update it every chance I get after working on it but yeah.. You can see progress for yourself at /v 1122 but I will start posting progress pictures tomorrow :)
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  2. From what I have seen it looks to be a great project, and I wish you all the luck for the casino in the future.
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  3. Thanks ;)
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  4. Donated 81 rupees hope it helps lol
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  5. I am worried about the casino part. It is legal but things can get out of hand and there can be debts. How will you insure that this doesn't happen?
  6. Because people can't actually pay when they don't have the money for it. :p
  7. All casinos have to be approved by BigDavie, but once done so, they cannot go into debt if they do not have the rupees :)
  8. Bump, will post the first progress update tomorrow :)
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  9. It looks like you're putting lots of work into your casino project. I'm sure it'll turn out very nice. Will your Millennium Tower include a hotel? I live on smp9 but I need a nice hotel to stay in when I visit smp1.
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  10. I don;t mean people. I mean the casino itself
  11. The actual casino itself? Well everyone can only lose the rupees they have so there will be no debts unless someone has made a loan - which loans are forbidden.
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  12. Possibly the front 3 floors/back 3 bottom floors or the top 3 floors could become a hotel. No promises :p
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  13. I mean if somehow people win more than money put in. It is possible if not managed correctly.
  14. xHaro knows what he is doing, and that is exactly why BigDavie checks out the casinos in the first place.
  15. I don't know if you've met me yet but if you got to know me you'd quickly figure out that I'd never make that mistake. Refer to this
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