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  1. The Apirl Fools event the on 1st April has inspired me to want to write code for mods in Minecraft. My favourite bit in the event was when the giant zombie turned into an Enderdragon!

    So I would like to learn to write code so that I can build up and do amazing things like that. I would like some ideas for simple mods that I can try and program.

    If you know of any good coding websites with good resources, maybe tutorials then please could you post them in this thread. If you can give me any tips can you please tell them to me, because I would be very grateful and they will make learning to program a bit easier.

    JustinGuy - what mod did you try first, and how easy did you find it?

  2. It depends on how long you have been coding. I had never used Java before, but I am an experienced coder, I just used the nice tutorials on the Bukkit wiki, and looked at other open source plugins.
  3. R.I.P. MobDisguise :(
  4. Thank you for telling me the mod you used for April Fools. I had great fun scaring my sister with it! We also installed Residence on our home server. When we looked who wrote the code in it, it said JustinGuy! Awesome!

    I'm still a beginner at coding, so I might leave learning Java for later.

  5. Java is a great language to start with, as it does its own garbage collection, etc (less to worry about for a beginner).
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  6. Plus JDK and Eclipse are free. I write some work-related programs for my Android phone and love that it doesn't cost me anything but time (and usually I'm on the clock so it doesn't even really cost me that).
  7. I have a little experience in programming in Obective-C and I am in the same position and want to make mods. I am just wondering if there is any mod JustinGuy would like for the empire. Just tell me.
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  10. That's really disruptive to the flow of this thread. I'm sure you were acting with the best of intentions, but hijacking a thread is already not allowed, posting nonsense isn't a good thing either.
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  12. My path was Python,then C#,then java,then Android :D
    tip,Dont start with java,It sucks!!!!