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  1. This program is very old, and development has ceased. Existing code may be implemented in another version, a web version could be created, but for now we'll just have to wait an see.
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  2. I actually have crossover games, sadly it won't open the program...
  3. Ah, okay. Sometime I'll have to make a web version.
  4. Looks clean to me! This could be really beneficial!
    ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 10 20.00.jpg

    Some tips from using it for a little bit:

    1. Add more servers
    2. Add more Minecraft items
    3. Instead of just telling you the best shop it should show you a list of shops and their of the item.
  5. Looks cool.
  6. Remember, this is in alpha stage. As updates come along, I'll add more. This is the very first release of the program, so it's to be expected that it'll be barebones.
  7. Wait, so does this know who's selling what?
  8. Sort of. With each update, I tell it who's selling what (it doesn't automatically update if a shop is removed or created)
  9. Perhaps you could have shop owners fill out a form to be submitted as part of the database?
  10. Thumbs up and good luck - you've set yourself a lot of hard work if you intend to update all the shop info manually and by yourself.
  11. This could work.
    I could have a few trusted partners help me. Remember, though, that most shops won't change their prices, so after the initial OMG THERE ARE 300+ ITEMS IN MINECRAFTFFSDFDS, it'll probably get easier to update. Keep in mind I won't be able to get the absolute best prices until Empire Minecraft releases an API. This is why I'm asking for community help in finding the best prices.
  12. Or I could have them post here/PM me... hey, that could work!

    Posting a list of cheap-priced items here would be appreciated.
  13. You could ask Aikar or another mod to help you. Maybe they can just give you some uber huge list that can be entered automatically?
  14. Like, in a spreadsheet or something? Yeah, that could work.

    though I'd have to get Aikar not to put insane prices in it. You know how it is with him and the economy
  15. Include 18885 on smp9. Gracias!
  16. I can only do this if it has cheap prices. I'll check here, though!