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Do you want a custom profile picture?

Yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. I have made some custom profile pictures. Incuding myself (Keldeo178), ShyguytheGamer1, and theomglover3rd. If you want one it is free. If you want one please answer the poll I added on this forum. I will know which users want it and not.
    I will PM you in-game when it is completed and I will link you to the forum!
    Please keep in mind that:

    - I will NOT tell you how to screenshot it.
    - Please don't remove my "Created by Keldeo178 Youtube: Vocaloid Music Central" Credits I have on the image. It isn't created by you nor is it technically yours.
    - And please don't screenshot these images on this forum without my permission.
    Thank you :3 I'm glad to share this with all of you. <3
    -This is also to share my photo editing skills-
    If this forum violates ANY of the Empire Minecraft rules
    if possible, I will delete the thread immediatly!
  2. theomglover3rd's profile picture
  3. I would like one! :D Can you use the username JPGamer1000 instead of Chocolate800? Thanks! I'm paying you no matter what!:p
  4. Sorry I need the actual player to ask for a profile picture. Not through someone else. This is only just to ensure that the actual player in question wants it or not.
  5. JPGamer1000 is my changed username.