Product Stolen From my seller's Res

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  1. migueldemesa whom was selling an enchanted pickaxe to me (Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 2, Fortune 1). When he set a chest up for me I found that I could not open it (He spelt my name wrong). Anyways I PMed him about it and he said he rectified it. I wasn't on at the time (doing other things) but was messaged that the pickaxe was MISSING.

    I hope the mods can help
    migueldemesa and I with this problem as I really want to finalise purchases.
  2. Anyone who had container permissions on the lot could take anything from ANY chest, including other peoples access chests. This is why we always warn against giving your perms to people you don't know.
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  3. you should hae PMed a mod...
  4. Maybe a glitch although unlikely...
  5. Alright I shall try it.
  6. True The People that only had container perms was my cousin and my freind thats it wat happend?!?!?
  7. Indeed, you must find them!
  8. whats the players name?
  9. This is why i always pay half the amount first and the rest after i get the tool/stuff. Next time take a SS of the deal, when you pay and when you get the stuff. That will help you if he/she scams you.
  10. I am glad I have not paid untill I recieve the goods. Nevertheless Its unfortunate that I may never even see it.